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Eileen - Maven Of Lambs Marina

Here is another Earth Angel, and definitely one of my guardian angels. Eileen took care of Doublewide while I was away, taking Roni home - I never worried about the boat once, I just knew everything would be fine in her hands. The first day I was there she came over to see if I was OK and if there was anything that I might need. She drove me around to get a few last minute things I needed for Doublewide before departing. She also gave me a pretty ornamental hand painted fish (how did she KNOW I collect 'fishy' things??). We also spent many companionable hours just visiting and laughing! Eileen is also one of those courageous souls. She had never really spent much time on a boat but decided that she would buy one, fix it up and live on it. She is going to make a wonderful Sea Sister. I hope that I get a chance to pass on some of the gifts that I received along the way. Good Luck Eileen! I wish you many fair voyages!