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Jimmy - Owner Of Leland Marine

Jimmy who owns Leland Marine. His life has been more difficult that I can imagine living thru. His first wife was murdered and he found her. Someone robbed the Post Office where she worked. They got $80.00. The bastard was found and is spending his life in prison. Jimmy gets to go to the parole hearings, which guarantees that this man will not go free.

Jimmy does not believe in the death penalty, not even for this person. He could not 'pull the switch' as he says and he would not ask someone else to do it for him. He is a gentle, mild person for living such a tough life as a fisherman.

He suffered from cancer of the mouth and has had to undergo surgery to reconstruct his mouth after removal of the cancer (lymph nodes on his neck - quite extensive and invasive surgery). He also had radiation therapy, which may have been too much as he is not healing properly. With all this the man remains charismatic... I liked him immediately and my opinion of him did not change except to become stronger.

He loves his little Jack Russell's, and I can't blame him. They are really sweet little creatures. This one is pulling on his pant leg to get a little attention.

Alas, when I returned to Charleston, I took a drive down to Leland Marine and found out that Jimmy had died...