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Dismal Swamp Canal

Narrow, not very deep and full of obstructions this is The Great Dismal Swamp Canal. They may close it permanently this November. I certainly hope that our Stellar Government Officials will search the White House Couches and come up with the mere $400k it will take to keep her open. They must have that much change just sitting around gathering dust....

The obstructions come as downed trees that are submerged, logs that have broken loose and are partly or totally submerged. I only saw a few things and only 'rode over' one log that I did not see. It kicked up her starboard rudder, but caused no damage. It was a little disconcerting and was at the beginning so I was a little concerned. However, there were no more incidents.

A large sailboat (Banana Wind) with a 5' keel went thru and only bumped a couple of times. They may have just pushed aside large partly submerged logs, but because Doublewide has no keel, she will ride over things such as that.