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Johnstown - Zanhisers Yachting Center


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May 10, 2004 - May 12, 2004

Johnstown is on the Northern bank of the entry to the Patuxent River. I stayed at the Zahniser's Yachting Center for a couple of days (Monday and Tuesday the 11th) to rest up from my long jaunt from West River. Very noisy busy area compared to Hartge's, but dog friendly and also transient friendly.

Solomon's Island is a very popular boating center, with lots of fishing and power boats. Surprisingly (why am I surprised??) nice people, all very helpful and friendly and many of them serious dog lovers, Roni won many hearts in her time aboard Doublewide.


I stayed a couple of days to rest up after my Monday run from West River. That leg was 47 miles, but the last 10 miles were pretty warm and uncomfortable with large rolling waves. It shouldn't be that hard again as I was on edge the whole way keeping an eye on Roni and making sure my nav skills didn't squeek with rust. No more guess work with GPS, it makes navigation more accurate. Thanks, Dennis, that Lowrance GPS system is great! I continually double check the charts to be sure. Just good seamanship.

It took a little over 10 hours from untying lines at West River to tying up at Zahniser's Dock. I was exhausted! But Zanhiser's provided the right atmosphere for relaxation and play. I thought I had to change the oil in the drive leg, but this was a misinterpretation of the document (and a badly written explanation, I might add!). I called PCI and they told me that 50 hours was the time to change it. Good News! I need to acquire a larger bucket as I am not going to haul Doublewide just to change the oil. It will be tricky to get 2 gallons of oil out of the drive leg and into a bucket (or two, the leg holds a couple of gallons), without getting any of it in the water - OR IN THE DINGHY!!!!. I'll probably drain a couple of quarts, move it to the 'old oil' container and go back and do more. Just as long as I don't SPILL any of it!


I am tied up to the end of a dock - a new experience for me. I helped my Captain (Cap'n Jan) understand the way that I need to be tied up. I wasn't sure either but we were patient and now it is great.

Cap'n Jan loves me and I know it because she does everything she can to take care of me. So I will do everything I can to take care of her and her Chief Pretty Officer too. She made me bumper boards before leaving Annapolis where I was born. These are for keeping me from rubbing against rough wood piers and pilings, and they have served me well, my rub-rails are perfect! My other captain, Cap'n Dennis told Cap'n Jan how to make them so he cares about me too. I will also take good care of him. I think I like my people. I will try to help them keep from banging their heads on my low-lying parts.... But they still have to learn many lessons on their own. Cap'n Dennis also put in an 'inverter', which does some magic with DC to make it into a pure sine wave AC. Cool, huh? Also I have a GPS so I can help Cap'n Jan not get lost. I am really happy with my Captains and their Crew! I will try to explain to The Chief Pretty that she can pee anywhere on my decks and I will not consider it an insult. It all washes clean! But Seagulls! They stink. They poop everywhere and they never ask if it is OK. They just scream "Mine, Mine, Mine!" I am NOT theirs!!!


For the first time she played today. I got out a frisbee and she looked at it and at me and at the door and did her 'tilt-a-whirl-girl' act.... We went down to the water where there is some actual beach, but it is a hard drop down and she wasn't too interested once I got her there. She immediately got the frisbee and jumped back up. "Don't like it." She said.

So we went over to the lawn (ohhhh, grass!!! soft, lush and sweet with no sand spurs in it!) and she played about 10 tosses worth. She wanted more but I figured it was good form to end while she was still enjoying herself. Tongue out a yard and I rinsed her down good when we got back to the boat. She is currently zonked across 'her' pillows. The A/C is on and her tongue has wound itself back into her mouth and she looks comfy and happy. I sure hope so. The play may be a good omen. Tonite we try the dinghy.... If she does not consider it the anti-Christ then we shall have made some real progress. The water should be calm and there are many things to look at.

See the Roni Tails for her take on the Johnstown visit. She is such a little minx, making new friends everywhere she goes and breaking boy-dog hearts all over the coast!

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Roni On Her Pillow In The Cockpit
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Fish Sanctuary - Guess Who's Coming For Dinner
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View Of The Open Chesapeake Off The Port Stern
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View Of The Open Chesapeake Off Starboard
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Container Ship
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Roni Napping In Captain's Chair
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Approaching Solomon's - Cliffs
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View Of Zahnizer's Dock From Doublewide
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Roni Zonked After Frisbee
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Bumper Board
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Bumper Board
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Doublewide At Zahniser's Dock
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